Jul 5, 2011

Leaving Sitiawan?

Am typing this post in the middle of the night, 2.15am. Crazy, I'm suppose to be sleeping now. What happens to the mission of tuning back my biological clock? Went down to the drain, completely!

Come tomorrow, after lunch, I'll be driving down to Penang. Moving to Penang, to be exact. Going to start my working live two days later. Thinking of how I started this blog back then, oh my..how time flies.

Sitiawan, a place I used to hate (8 years ago, to be exact). It has been my home for 8 years. I used to anticipate the day I could move away from Sitiawan. I got my wish 3 years back when I went for my degree. I got my wish now when I am going to work in Penang. Now I wish I could still stay at home to accompany my mom and sis and to come back here at least once a year, just to gather with my friends. The most precious secondary school friends I cherished. Ok, all in all..I will miss home comfort! Life without study stress nor working stress.

Note to self: Time to grow up and face the music, girl! Have a great working life! Who am I? "I'm possible"!

Jul 3, 2011

Spending, before I even started earning..

Once again, the title says it all.

Graduated since end of May. Some coursemates are already working. Some are still hunting for a job, while some are still enjoying the time of their life travelling, relaxing at home. Mom and dad told me there's no need to rush in getting a job. Take my time and enjoy home comfort while I'm still home. However, when you see some of your friends started working, there is a feeling that you need to be working too already! The feeling is particularly stronger when you are spending without an income! Luckily I will be working starting this week. Ah, the guilt of spending before I know how to earn is finally drifting away.

Lets see what I had spent these few weeks...

1. Meals. Especially when you have a sister that always ask for 'not-so-cheap' meals.

This is suppose to be a supper..sinful supper. No wonder both of us gained weight!!

Sudden unplanned dinner at Swissomelt. She had another scoop of ice cream as dessert.

Nice crispy Fish & Chips. The portion is huge! I came for the latte. Taste like milk instead.

2. Facial care. The usual, facial wash, toner, etc. Girls' best friend. Now come and think of it, girls do have a lot of best friends.

3. Maxis Broadband. Didn't cancel my Maxis Broadband subscription although I didn't need it as much as before.

4. Handphone credit. Definitely over-budget for the last month. Way over....

5. Hair!! Dyed my hair again due to my sister's complain. " Please la go and re-dye your hair, you are going to work soon. Image is very important ok??" Me: "Haiya, I'll be working in lab, it's not that people will stare at my hair. Although the roots doesn't match the rest of the hair" "Now only you know? Not nice la, go dye your hair!!!" So, there goes...

Temporary perm by that hair salon. Nice services! I think I better stick to straight hair though.

6. My coming baby. "It's Exhilarating". Yes, it is really exhilarating. Exhilarate me to work! Have to pay for the down payment and monthly installment soon enough. It will be taking up a huge chunk of my coming budget (although it is a must for me to get around places), ouch!

~It's not about the money, money, money,
We don't need your money, money, money,
We just wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the price tag~

Jessie's J's Price Tag. Nice and catchy song! Forget about the price tag? Yeah right..the first thing I check will always be the price tag. Kha-ching, kha-ching! It's time to work my ass off!

Jun 2, 2011

First Step Into Reality

Mushrooming at home, figuring how to arrange my not so impressive resume into something more interesting. Wondering why didn't I tried harder, work harder, study harder and get around more?

Heard updates from friends, from Facebook that few of my coursemates, hometowns (both Sitiawan and Penang, lol) friends had secured a job. Some went to interviews, some are going for interviews, while many others are still waiting for replies from companies (which includes me, unfortunately). Sent few applications via jobstreets to a few companies in Penang two days ago. Still no reply.

Many said, there's no need to rush. Wait patiently and choose wisely.
I guess this is the time for me to train my patience, learning how to accept rejections and how to turn frustrations into motivations. Can I do it? I hope I can.

May 7, 2011

Another Life Chapter is Coming to an End

060511, 0900, the time I sat for the last paper of my degree life.
1100, the time I passed up the last paper of my degree life.

Provided that I passed all of my papers (should know the result in three weeks time? I think I could make the cut), submit final corrected copy of thesis in PDF form to the faculty....And then, there was it. The end of my university life, for now.

Words alone can't express my feelings. There's one though: I'm glad.

One thing is for sure, I'll miss going to classes. I'll miss going to lab. I'll miss all the times we burned the midnight oil just to finish up our reports or to study for exams. I'll miss the times I cycle to campus. I'll miss our beautiful campus. I'll miss the nice scenery in Kampar. I'll miss the many times we gather around to celebrate birthdays, for assignments and reports, to have meals, to fool around, to relax, etc. Friends! I'll miss all of you and all the good times we had together. Thanks for the memories may it good or bad. Thanks for accepting me for who I am, and for making me who I am right now.

There has been a lot of ups and downs in 3 years. Not a long period of time, nor a short one either. Of course there has been doubts and regrets looking back right now. But all the questions will remain as 'What if?', right? Let bygones be bygone.

Ok, this post sounds downright emo. Yup, it 's proven. Packing up does make a person emo!

Three years worth of notes and books, all packed into two large boxes.
Where am I going store these in my hometown? @@

May 1, 2011

From Home, With Love

Delicious, finger-licking good home-cooked dinner by mummy, delivered by my brother (with mom and sis) all the way from Sitiawan to Kampar. How warm is that!

All this started with my brother. Mom always 'complained' that it's tiring when my brother is home for holidays, because she needs to cook everyday and there must be meat on the table, haha! (but she always have new recipes ready when we are home ^^).

Back to the story. One day, my bro ask mom....
Robin: Mummy, when are u going to cook 'hong du ka'? Cook la, long time didn't have 'hong du ka' d. Then I can bring to kampar for jie jie also."
Mom: All the way from Sitiawan to Kampar?
Robin: Yeah, I want to go and find my jie jie, cannot ah?

This was what mom told me from the telephone. Then mom said :" I'll cook chicken soup also la, with some herbs, give you extra energy for your exam." Wah, I'm so touched! Gam dong~T_T
So, here's my wonderful dinner tonight~

~My favourite Ikan Bawal, 'Hong du ka' and chicken soup. YUMMY~

The food portion was huge! Kept some of them into the fridge. My lunch and dinner for next two days settled, hahaha!

Now come and think of it, I never prepared a meal for my mom. Except for breakfast in bed, cakes, desserts, and spagetthi? I have never prepare a normal '3 dishes + 1 soup' meal for mom. Time to practice and cook for mom soon! And for my brother, maybe I'll make dumpling and deliver it all the way to Kajang for him? Don't keep your hopes high thought, I said MAYBE!

Ok, I'm all charged. Time to burn the midnight oil tonight. Two more papers to go! Aza aza fighting!!

Apr 24, 2011

FYP vs Pregnancy

Pure joy! That's how I felt when I was printing out my thesis. I couldn't even control my smile when we were having our lunch moments before the 'big moment'. Suddenly, there's a thinking, this is it! After so many months, this is it!

Ohya, we called our thesis as Baby, and it's a twin! (cause we need to submit two copies to the Faculty, one copy for each assessor.)

~My babies~

Seriously, Final Year Project was just like a pregnancy. We started our FYP bench work during early October last year, which lasted for 3 months till mid January this year. Then has been writing our thesis for the past few months. Reading journals, writing, correcting, rewrite, correct again..bla bla bla..took us 7 months! Similarities between FYP and pregnancy? Here goes!

1. Choosing FYP title was just like choosing your partner. FYP - Find Your Partner -->, Finalised Your Partment->, Forever Your Partner, there's no turning back (Yuen, 2010). Except for our case, it's our partner for few months only. However, it's an experience that last forever, right?

2. Bench work: It's like the first trimester of pregnancy, where we always heard from elders it's the most important stage, have to becareful etc. Same applies to FYP. By hook or by crook, you'll have to complete your bench work in three month's time, no matter how much you have to do, you'll have to finish it.

Oh, I miss my bench~

3. Supervisor: During pregnancy, the pregnant lady has to go for check-ups right? And who did the check-ups? Doctors. As for our FYP supervisor, most of them have the designation 'Dr." in front of their name too! Hahaha!

My supervisor Dr. Kho..shh, don't tell her we got this pic ^^
Strict but is a very very caring supervisor!

4. Pain-stalking journal hunting and reading. Just like pregnancy, parents nowadays, young parents especially, will read a lot of articles on pregnancy. What to do, what not to do, which will be the best for your child etc. FYP? There's only one word to describe it: Argh! (Is argh a word? lol!). There are so many articles out there, but so many of them (that I wanted) has to be subscribed. I have to ask help from friends whose Uni has larger database than UTAR. Special thanks to HUI LI and JULIE!!

Thesis writing. This is considered a quite organised table. You haven't see the worst~

5. Spent countless sleepless night just because of it. I think it is applicable to both cases? Haha!

6. The feeling of pure joy when it's finally done. All the hard work months before was worth it. Like a mother after delivering her baby (from what I saw in movies, and from my mom's stories), you'll forget all the hardship you faced when you see your baby. Yeah, the moment I saw my thesis coming out piece by piece from the printing machine, I' m just speechless~

It's here, it's here!!

Difference between pregnancy with FYP is: you have to take care of the child for your whole life. FYP? Maybe it'll affect the life of some of us, who knows?

Me and Pei Sin, carrying our babies, hahaha!

All DONE! Hope we'll all get great marks for that~

P/S: THANK YOU DR. KHO and my postgrad senior RACHEL! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Oops, GIRLS!

Apr 18, 2011

And Then It's Week 14

Finally it's here...week 14, the final week of the semester.

Highlighter was broken just when I need it the most

For some, it's just another final week of the semester. No more lecture class (except if the lecturer decides to gives 'guidelines'), no more labs, no more quiz, no more presentation.

For us, it's the final week of our lives as an undergraduate. And it's the most hectic one. Just had our last test (ain't turn out good for me though), going to have our last lecture soon, final year project presentation and thesis correction all in a week. All we have for study week is just 3 'study days'.

Drinking this to help me stay awake!

Yeah, my most trusted coffee (Instant one though >.<) and to be corrected thesis..

So fellow course-mates, Biotech May'08. This is it. Like Dr. Loh said: Be Bold, Be Strong!
Good luck for all of us! We can do it!

Mar 18, 2011





付出真心 才會得到真心
保持距離 就能保護自己

有時候 不是對方不在乎你

朋友就是把你看透了 還能喜歡你的人

就算是believe(相信) 中間也藏了一個lie(謊言)

而是在一起 就算不說話


為你的難過而快樂的 是敵人
為你的快樂而快樂的 是朋友
就是那些 該放進心裡的人

冷漠 有時候並不是無情

Mar 12, 2011

Warmth From Home

Fruits, Vitamin C and red bean soup, all from home~

My parents and my sis came to Kampar for a short visit yesterday evening. Hehe, I know my parents are missing me, cause they had been asking when I'm going home for the past two weeks. My sister however, is a different story. She didn't know she have to tag along until my mom suddenly told her an hour before they start their journey here, teehee!

Their timing was really great. I just barely close my room door after I reach home from campus (stranded there for more than an hour, stupid rain!) and there they are! How can I know? My sister kicked my door, like usual...Hm, time to teach her how to use her knuckles to KNOCK on the door, not kick eh!

Spent few hours chatting with mom. Sis use my laptop to poke around and gossiped with us. Dad? Napping of course~ Wanted to bring them for dinner at 'wo wen tian' , the famous claypot Dong Po Rou, but as usual, no luck =( Out of all places in Kampar, we had McDonald's for dinner. Mom and sis happy lo~ Haha!

Although it's a short visit from my parents, I felt recharged! Note to myself: faster finish up my thesis writing, lab reports and start revising for upcoming test! Then, I can go home~ Mom, I'll bring to you to have McD Breakfast when I'm back ok?

Mar 4, 2011


有没有这种经验? 满怀心事,但是说不出口。不是不要说,而是完全不能说。。。