Jul 5, 2011

Leaving Sitiawan?

Am typing this post in the middle of the night, 2.15am. Crazy, I'm suppose to be sleeping now. What happens to the mission of tuning back my biological clock? Went down to the drain, completely!

Come tomorrow, after lunch, I'll be driving down to Penang. Moving to Penang, to be exact. Going to start my working live two days later. Thinking of how I started this blog back then, oh my..how time flies.

Sitiawan, a place I used to hate (8 years ago, to be exact). It has been my home for 8 years. I used to anticipate the day I could move away from Sitiawan. I got my wish 3 years back when I went for my degree. I got my wish now when I am going to work in Penang. Now I wish I could still stay at home to accompany my mom and sis and to come back here at least once a year, just to gather with my friends. The most precious secondary school friends I cherished. Ok, all in all..I will miss home comfort! Life without study stress nor working stress.

Note to self: Time to grow up and face the music, girl! Have a great working life! Who am I? "I'm possible"!


Anonymous said...

hey girl, good luck ya!!

love from,

Rebecca said...

Thanks "anonymous"...I'm 99.9% sure of who you are, haha!

I Miss Home! >.<

ChRisTy said...

I M Possible!!! good quote! all the best to u!! :D can owes go my house find my sisters them in penang! hahaha